About this blog

By chance, Réka and Cobie sat down next to each other in a classroom at the start of their Master’s programme in Film and Photographic Studies in 2016 and noticed they had the same notebook. They soon found out they worked well together and during their Masters, they often collaborated on projects and supported each other to the bitter end. After graduating, they continued to visit exhibitions and photo festivals together, usually “interrupted” by a snack break with some cake and a cup of mint (C) or ginger (R) tea. Who said it is hard to make friends as an adult?

Réka and Cobie share a love for books, so they often browse around antiquarian bookshops together. After some time, they discovered that one particular antiquarian in Haarlem sells vintage photographs as well as books; their two loves combined into one! Could life get any better? They soon started collecting vintage photographs as well as (photo)books and extended their search to the almighty internet as well, scoring some awesome stuff from distant lands as far as Hungary (with special delivery by a travelling friend of Réka’s).

Cobie Hijma. Lumen print of mint. Collection of Réka Szentirmay.
Cobie Hijma. Lumen print of ginger slices. Collection of Réka Szentirmay.

But what is the use of a collection of gems if it never sees the light of day? In order to share their great findings with the world, Réka and Cobie decided to start a blog together. At the end of 2019, after about three failed attempts over the course of two years, they pulled themselves together, came up with a concrete plan and adhered to a strict schedule of deadlines.

The central idea of the blog is that every two weeks one of them selects a photograph, from their own collection or otherwise, and chooses a keyword to accompany it. If known, they share information like photographer, date of production and technique, but nothing more. The both of them then write a short essay on the photograph with the keyword in mind, without any further contextual information. The scans of the photographs, if applicable, are made as neutral as possible and will not be digitally corrected.

Enjoy the results of their musings!

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