This is us

Cobie Hijma is a professional in photography, currently working as project coordinator at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam. She has been educated in both the theoretical and practical aspects of photography, having completed the Master’s programme Film and Photographic Studies at Leiden University (2017) and the Photographic Design programme at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam (2015). After graduating, Cobie started a job as a cataloguer of photography at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, which kickstarted her career in the field of cultural heritage, photography in particular.

Cobie grew up between grasslands and the occasional sheep and cows in the very northern outskirts of the Netherlands. Her love for photography emerged quite quickly when at about six years of age she would hop around the house and garden photographing everything around her with an old Konica Pop camera without any film in it. Apparently, it wasn’t necessarily the result that mattered as much as the process, a concept that has remained a focus point in her own photography but also a prominent research topic during her studies.

Nowadays, Cobie doesn’t actively practice as a photographer, but in her spare time, she does enjoy playing around with early photographic techniques like the cyanotype. Next to that, she likes collecting and reading books on all sorts of photography and she collects some vintage photographs as well. Her aim is to collect a specimen of each photographic technique that has been in use since the birth of photography in 1839. Some pieces from this collection will be featured in this blog.

Réka Szentirmay is a freelance writer and curator based in The Netherlands. Growing up in rural Hungary, she had the freedom to become an idealist. Fresh out of high school, she decided to make the world a better place and chose to study Social Policy (MSc) in the beautiful city of Budapest. Right after graduation, she moved to The Netherlands. Here, after more than a decade of intense adulting, she finally gave in to the urge fuelled by an ever-present love for photography and she earned another degree in Film and Photographic Studies (MA).

Apart from her lust for B-movies, her foremost passions are nostalgia and vernacular photography, media archaeology and documentary photography. Her most important contributions to the day are 48 Stories (Paradox) and Suppressed by the Saviour (Paradox). Beyond this, she works with documentary photographers as editor/curator, she is a regular contributor to the Hungarian fine art photography magazine, Fotóművészet, and the online Punkt.

Her own collection of vintage imagery is a result of an instinctual attraction to the profoundly human qualities of photography. It is usually oddities, humour and/or the absurd that she falls for. (Inside jokes with herself are not unusual.)

While her tendency to ruminate about existence and photography was not necessarily welcome by all her teachers, she decided to stick with it. In her posts, thus, the reader will get a (largely unfiltered) glimpse into the mind of someone deeply in love with the medium, having fun.